Job description

  • Attend to phone calls, Make appointments providing the best customer service experience
  • Retail products to customers.
  • Enter customer’s name, phone number and email in the salon booker system appropriately.
  • Checkout all customers in appropriate manner.
  • Explain the benefit of membership plan and sell membership plan as much as possible.
  • Ensure the stations are clean and neat.
  • Vacuum store including back room and rest room
  • Help Esthetician/threaders whenever they needed.
  • Refill towel warmer towels & make sure green light is always on
  • Wipe down styling chair bases and around chair after each client to ensure no hair
  • Dust & organize retail shelves along with cleaning Floors and Dry
  • Straighten magazines and waiting area chairs/cushions turn on pix frame if needed
  • Ensure sinks free of hair and ottomans aligned
  • Ensure that the salon looks clean & organized (wipe counters, straighten bottles, etc)
  • At end of night: Check every station and fill out station checklist and make note of any missing brushes/equipment. Check make up station stock of supplies, dust and organize
  • Cleaning the restrooms daily and making sure they are well stocked. Check menus at front desk and replace stock if needed.
  • Gathering and taking out the garbage when needed during the day and at the end of shift.
  • Breaking down cardboard and taking the recyclables out.

Qualification required

  • Have worked in a salon setting before
  • Be committed to excellent customer service
  • Must be able to multi-task and detail oriented


  • 1-2 years of experience working in a fast-paced salon industry
  • 1-2 years of customer service experience